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February 2, 2010

WELCOME TO MY VERY OWN BLOG.  YEAAAAAAA ME!!!  I DID IT MYSELF!!   Well, I did have some help from the WordPress articles that Carol Logan Newbill is writing.

Thank you, Carol. But don’t give her credit for the mistakes – each is my very own.

Why a blog now?

Here’s the 1st best reason. I’ve been honored with an invitation from Dawn Goldsmith to be a GUEST BLOGGER on Subversive Stitchers to talk about my Valentine post cards. Dawn graciously mentioned that I could link back to my own website, blog, facebook or whatever. Uhhhh, I didn’t happen to have a website, blog, facebook or even a whatever. I am a proud member of the original Art2Mail website, but I thought that maybe now is the time for a blog. We’ll see what happens.

The 2nd best reason is that I love the sun print that’s in the header and had to use it! The grid I used as a resist is one of those flats you get at gardening centers (or wherever) to carry your plants . I kid you not – even has those neat little starburst thingy’s and the solid circles. One more thing to consider about where we buy our plants. If they don’t have interesting flat designs . . . .Well, . . .

I had some room at the bottom of the fabric and decided to do a 4×6 post card for my granddaughter’s initials.  I used those fat ‘jello’  alphabet letters and love the shadow it made.  Of course the sun cooperated by being in the right place in the sky.  Thank you, sun.

Since I had some extra room I tried a scrap of paper filler used for packaging.  You can see the edge of the plant tray at the bottom.  I think it looks like a guard rail – maybe on a bridge???

Same scan only in this position the edge of the tray makes a neat vertical  lattice.


I  learned how to sun print  from Ellen Guerrant in a class she taught in May  of 2007 at Cedar Lakes, in West Virginia.  Great class, great instructor, and great students equal a fantastic experience.  She is knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor and a very relaxing manner. The kind of instructor that makes you just want to go out and DO.  And I did.

As soon as I got home I had to teach someone else.

My 4 yr old granddaughter’s first wall hanging.  Grandma did the quilting and borders.

Those circles pretty much say what I feel right now after the battle I’ve waged to get one page of blog written.   I have no idea where the links to Carol Logan Newbill & Ellen Geurrant disappeared to.   The last time I tried to find them I managed to delete this whole thing – not again, not tonight.    And I don’t know how to fix the side bar.  Maybe tomorrow?  Maybe not.  Eventually.   It is now February 5th.  Enough said?